Personal Training​


Get fit and happy

Fall in love with fitness and make it a non-replaceable part of your life. Find reliable and inspiring gym buddy in me.

Let me be your partner in the transformation process and help you find a balance and live a healthy life.

How does it work?

I will assess your level of fitness and take your measurements.
I will set up for you targets for next few weeks.
I will build a personalized and unique training program adjusted to your style of living and your goals.

The sessions will take place either face to face or online Your weekly progress will be recorded.

See your progress on periodic check ups. Achieve your transformation and enjoy your new image.

Get a free 60' online consultation

I absolutely love my sessions with Weronika she understands your personal needs and makes you feels so comfortable no matter what level you are on. She challenges you on every session, makes working out fun and generally makes you want to work out; none of that insecure feeling you get at public gym. I would recommend her to anybody regardless of fitness level.
If you hire Weronika as your Personal Trainer you will reach your fitness goals! She pushes me to do my best while providing encouragement. The workouts are different each day and every exercise is tailored around my goals and my abilities. Weronika cares about your goals and much as you do and will definitely help you achieve them.