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Before I sign you up, you get a free 45-minute session to establish your goals, assess your physical fitness, and come up with an action plan for the journey ahead.


I have ACC Accreditation with ICF (International Coaching Federation) and REPs (an international accreditation in Personal training).


I’ve spent the greater part of my proffesional life helping transform lives of people from different nationalities which has also helped develop my understanding of different cultures.

Get your life on tracks with my programs

Transformational Coaching

Become the ARTIST of your life!

I can help you find the clarity you need to overcome the beliefs that are holding you back, and the courage required to let go of the past and start a new, better life.
Personal Training

Get fit and happy

Together we can design a success strategy to achieve your fitness goals. Sessions are tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Or maybe you just search for a gym buddy?

Complete Program

fitness with a mindset

Why not take the best from both worlds in my best selling program combing transformational coaching with personal training. Let’s take it from here.

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The coaching sessions were pleasant but in the same time very challenging journey helping me to discover myself and my potential. The sessions have started a lot of very important processes and changes, I have managed to improve my assertiveness and self confidence, both in my private and work life. They improved the way i manage critical situations in my life and gave me ability to cope with them more efficiently. I highly recommend sessions with Weronika. They were a great pleasure and the changes started still positively influence my life
Sławomir Sidowski
Our paths with Weronika crossed two years ago. Due to personal life circumstances, I was lost in my daily routine and my professional goals. Weronika was the person who helped me to put everything on the right shelves. It is unbelievable how it affected my life. If I have not met Weronika, I would have not been finishing my master studies now. With the help of Weronika I was able to make the right action towards my future studies and daily routine. I still follow this routine after two years! 😊 If you are lost and you don’t know where to start, just visit Weronika. I am sure, she will be able to help you 😉I am very happy I did it two years ago 🥳
Zivi Le